Experience in Business, the Arts, and Family

I came to North Carolina in 1997 after attending high school in Cortlandt Manor, NY and graduating from Whittier College in Southern California.  While I came here initially to be close to my family I found Wake County to be a wonderful place to grow and raise a family and chose to make this my home. It’s where I met my wife, got married, and have chosen to raise my three children.

I’ve worked at IBM since 1999, currently as a manager supporting critical customers of our Watson offerings. IBM has given me the wonderful opportunity to travel the world, meet some wonderful people, and ‘see the sights’.  It’s also taught me to embrace change, to expect the unexpected, and to understand the competition now isn’t just locally or nationally but globally. You need to constantly adapt or die in my business, and if you aren’t questioning why you are doing something means you are not adapting – you’re falling behind.

While here in Raleigh I’ve had the honor of serving on the Board of Directors of the former Raleigh Ensemble Players, embracing the degree in Theatre Arts I received at Whittier as well as spent nine years as President of a local HOA before moving to House 35.

Openness and freedom is the best way for North Carolina to compete

When problems face North Carolinians, we’ve seen time and time again that they bond together with dignity, respect, and understanding.  There are no greater people and the spirit of those that have chosen to make this place their home has no match anywhere.

However, I’ve grown to feel though my experiences that government and regulations only stifle innovation and stop neighbors from working out their problems, expecting ‘the rules’ to be the end versus simply just talking about the issue. In our communities we’ve seen time and time again where government puts up barriers and regulations that benefit only those that are in power and alienate those that they are there to serve.

We need to stop putting up barriers to business, inclusion, and freedom in North Carolina and show the world what we already know – that this is the best place to work, to play, and to raise a family.

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